About us

Welcome to our page! 

The East Texas Messengers of Peace is a community of young people who come together yearly from all over the region of East Texas. If you are new, we would like to welcome you and thank you for taking the time to visit our page, we hope you learn what our community is all about. If you are a current ETX MOP, welcome! We hope you find this website resourceful and use it as an outlet to connect with us. 

2022 Theme: 

Our 2022 theme is Reach and Be Rooted. What does it mean? It means that as we navigate our walk with the Lord we must remember to remain grounded in his word. The society that we live in preaches and teaches something new every minute. Standards, trends, and practices are quickly straying away from what the word of God says. Although this world may change, his word never will. If his word is to remain the same, then our foundation must not be shaken but firm. It's time for a generation to "Arise" and not be fearful of being different. As we learn to be rooted in him, it is also important to remember others. It is easy to become selfish christians and forget about unbelievers and the needs they have. There are many people that still need to be reached and discipled. So will you go and reach them? Will you have love for them? Will you have grace? And will you help disciple them ? In 2022, lets reach others and be rooted.

our Leaders:

Angel Mendez



Bethany Montes



Jacob Andrade